Food & Agriculture

ITtranslations has a Food & Agriculture department, composed of translators with extensive knowledge of the nutrition industry and the farming sector. We can assist you in translating the menu of your gastronomic restaurant, or the agricultural documentation you need to have in another language. Whether you are a small restaurant or a large corporation specializing in the food or farming sector, the outcome will be the same: a cost-effective translation of the highest quality.

Specific fields include:

  • Farming and growing
  • Nutrition and food-processing industry
  • Food-packing sector
  • Biotechnology for food science and agriculture
  • Cooking (kitchen, utilities...)
Food and Agriculture

Several well-known companies have already placed their confidence in us, such as: Dr. Oetker, Syngenta, ALTech, Sato Labelling, etc. and numerous restaurants all over the world.

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