World class translations

Ittranslations is a dynamic and innovative translation company with more than 10 years of experience in providing translations of all types of documents across all major industries. No matter how big or small, we can handle virtually any type of translation project, in any industry, and guarantee high quality and on-time delivery.

Our major focus is to provide quality translations at a low cost and offer our clients an individualised solution to meet their specific needs in the most effective manner possible. This is achieved thanks to an optimized internal workflow where flexibility and quality are of the utmost importance.

In line with this commitment, most translations are done in-house in our specialized translation departments (except when translations require a very specific expertise - in such cases, we have them reviewed by in-country engineers) and go through a unique quality assurance process to ensure you get the best results.

So, if you are seaching for a reliable translation company, take advantage of our expertise and our unique in-house production teams and contact us to find out how we can handle your next translation project.


a comprehensive solution

Whether you are a small or medium size company, a large multinational corporation or even a TSP looking for a partner, we have a solution to address your specific needs.

Choose from our various translations packs, or have a look at our complete list of services, including value-added services such as desktop publishing, terminology management, alignment and post-editing.


true specialist teams that know
your industry inside out

You wouldn’t trust just anybody to write your technical documentation. It goes the same with your translations.

When you work with ITtranslations, you can be sure your translation will be performed by specialists with the skills and resources relevant to your industry in one of our specialized translation departments:


optimizing every stage
of our workflow

At ITtranslations, we place a particular emphasis on quality and believe that quality translations are achieved by combining the best skills, resources and practices at every single stage of our workflow.

That is why, in addition to having highly skilled teams of linguists and using the latest translation technology available, we’ve set up a unique workflow that integrates a rigourous quality management, to ensure that quality is checked and re-checked all along the translation process.

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