At ITtranslations, we understand how critical quality translation is to your business and we strive to provide our clients with the highest standards in the translation industry.

How we guarantee the best quality quality-assurance

True expertise

The best tools

Optimized practices

Even today with the latest technologies, one of the most important components for successful translation is still a well-trained, skilled team of linguistic specialists. That is why, in addition to being native speakers of the target language, our translators, editors and proofreaders are selected according to high quality standards, and are committed to excellence an client satisfaction.
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We all know the golden rule: Time is money. Working with the latest technology and updated translation tools allow us to offer a time-saving workflow with the additional advantage of the highest level of consistency throughout a project. Therefore we focus on using those tools and keep on training all our translation specialists, editors and proofreaders in order to achieve the best final results.
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Improvement and innovation are at the center of our workflow. We continually strive to innovate and improve our operations. We take advantage of all that new technologies have to offer, in order to be more efficienct and to optimize every aspect of our workflow. From project management to quality assurance checks, you can be sure that every stage of your translation project will be handled in the most effective way and with the utmost attention.
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EN 15038:2006 Certification
In keeping with our commitment to offer high quality translations, we have implemented a rigorous Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of the EN-15038 European Quality Standard for Translation Services. Our Quality Management System is clearly defined and we keep track of every step of the workflow thanks to customized checklists to ensure we maintain the highest levels of quality.

Our Quality Management System makes sure that, for every stage of a translation project, practices are optimized and quality is checked on a 3-level basis:

Translation Quality Assurance

Multiple quality assurance checks are performed throughout the entire translation process in order to guarantee the highest quality and error-free translations.

In addition to regular QA checks such as grammar, spelling, punctuation or consistency, we systematically create a specific, customized checklist for every translation project in order to meet our clients' specific quality requirements such as terminology, style, adherence to reference material, etc.

This customized checklist is used and applied using various QA tools and procedures throughout the translation process, and is successively updated by the translator, editor, reviewer and proofreader. The customized checklists are then stored, along with the related client-specific requirements and instructions, and re-used for future projects.

Format Quality Assurance

When DTP is needed, our QA supervisor will perform a final visual validation to ensure everything in the translated document matches the source document (font type, styles, colors, placement and size of graphics, etc.).

Functional Quality Assurance

Depending on the project type, functional QA is sometimes necessary. For example, supports such as PDF, HTML, GUI (User Interfaces) and software translations require functional testing (correct display of fonts on other browsers, compatibility with OS, correct functioning of hyperlinks or bookmarks, good printing, bugs, etc.) after translation. Our QA supervisor will make sure that there are no technical issues and that the final document or support is fully functional and ready to use.
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