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With globalization, competitiveness is becoming harder to achieve every day. At ITtranslations, we understand your critical need to stand out and we truly believe that a responsive and reliable translation partner can be a real added value to your business.

That is why, in addition to having highly skilled teams of linguists, an optimized workflow and a rigorous quality management system, we systematically use Computer Assisted Translation tools for every translation in order to achieve:

  • Higher quality
  • Higher productivity and more responsiveness
  • Cost-efficiency

The benefits of Computer Assisted Translation tools

CAT tools are designed to facilitate and accelerate the translation process. Using a Translation Memory - i.e. a database of previously translated sentences that can be reused when the same (or a similar) sentence comes up again - a translation's overall quality is improved.

Save time - The use of Translation Memories helps to reduce a lot of typing, especially in repetitive texts such as technical manuals. Repetitive sentences only need to be translated once and repetitions are then recovered in one click. In addition, these tools support most word processing and DTP formats, which greatly shortens the DTP/localization phase.

Save money - Our translation rates take into account the number of internal repetitions contained in your document. Repetitions are only charged once. The more repetitions there are, the less we will charge.

Get the best quality - CAT tools greatly improve the terminological consistency of translations by allowing the translator to quickly search through the translation memory and recover previously translated sentences or terms. This helps you to retain a consistent corporate image and consistency throughout your documentation.

All of our translators, editors and reviewers work with CAT tools and are continuously trained to make the most of those wonderful tools. The most common translation tools we work with are:

SDL Trados Star Transit Wordfast

Star-Transit Wordfast
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