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Confidentiality commitment

At ITtranslations, hereafter ITT, we work with our clients to make the most of their products and technologies. And as such, we understand that client confidentiality is paramount.

For this reason, we will protect the privacy and confidentiality of any personal or business related information which you may provide in the course of using services provided on this site or through direct communications with the ITT staff and management. No personal or business related information which would allow you, your business or your client to be identified will be made available to any third party without your express written authorization.

Every employee and collaborator of the ITT abides by a strict confidentiality agreement. Any employee or collaborator in violation of this agreement is subject to disciplinary action, including immediate termination of employment or service.

Therefore, all contacts with ITT are confidential - including all conversations, documents, and other proprietary information provided by our clients. We make a commitment to not release, distribute, or publish information provided by our clients to any third party without prior permission.

To that end, a formal confidentiality agreement is provided below.

Confidentiality commitment

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