At ITtranslations, we understand the close relationship between consistency and quality and, in line with our commitment to quality (link to quality assurance), we have become experts in setting up and updating terminology glossaries.

Maintaining consistency and accuracy of terms, especially for technical documentation, is crucial to a good translation. Each term has to be translated appropriately and uniformly throughout the document in order to achieve a clear and accurate translation.
However, consistency can become a real challenge when dealing with large translations. The longer your document is, the bigger the challenge becomes. This is especially true when various translators have to work simultaneously on the same translation or when consistency has to be maintained throughout the project on various media supports (e.g. technical documentation, marketing, web content).

Our terminology experts can help translators and technical writers achieve more consistency by identifying key terms in your documentation and gathering them in a multilingual database including industry specific terminology, product and service names, taglines, acronyms, unique phrasing, etc.


Glossaries are a highly valuable tool that will help you to save time and money on your translation projects. Creating and updating a company or specific project glossary will:

  • Increase the translator’s productivity
  • Improve the quality of the translated content
  • Accelerate and improve the QA review
  • Reduce overall turn-around time
  • Help your technical writers to use a uniform terminology

Our solution

Whether you need to extract terms from a previous translation or to create a new glossary for your current translation project, our terminology experts can set up a common terminology glossary to standardize your company or project terminology according to your specific requirements.


  • Identifying and determining the client’s terminology needs
  • Collecting any preexisting material such as previous glossaries and style guides

Glossary creation

  • Extracting terms from the reference material previously collected
  • Establishing a unique translation for each term (The database may also include additional information on the term such as definitions, examples, opposites, synonyms, pictures, etc.)

During the translation

  • Using and feeding the glossary - Glossaries are done with SDL Multiterm, the most common terminology management software. Supported by most computer assisted translation tools, Multiterm can be fully integrated into the translation process and allows the translator to use and feed the glossary directly from the translation program.

Post translation

  • Validating the new termsProviding the glossary to technical and marketing writers as a base for writing future documentationStoring the glossary in order to re-use and update it during future translation projects

If you would like to learn more about terminology management, and how you can take advantage of glossaries to improve your translations and overall documentation quality, contact us or ask for a quote now.

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