Machine Translation Post-Editing

Low cost. Fast turnaround.

Machine translation post-editing is a low-cost, fast translation service that can be very useful for `gisting´ and domain-specific translations. Post-editing entails the correction of a machine translated document rather than translating it from scratch. The document is pre-translated through a machine translation system using a customizable terminology dictionary and is then edited and/or corrected by a post-editor whose task it is to make it understandable, grammatically correct and faithful to the original. It is a time-saving solution meant to quickly produce cohesive, readable and reliable text when working with strict deadlines or large volumes of material. It is particularly effective and useful for documents that contain repetitive text and that are written with simple syntax and short sentences, such as workshop manuals.

For more polished and high standard translations, you can also opt for one of our translations packs.

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