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As the Economy develops at an overwehlming peace, and borders are vanishing more and more while cultural differences remain, the indispensable key to success is high-quality communication through effective localization. This includes not only a field-specific and proofed translation of your documentation, but also the appropriate adaption of images, graphics etc. to a certain target group. Within the booming age of Internet and e-mail, services such as software or website localization are especially necessary to help grow and maintain your competitiveness and defend your market share. In addition, we can help you with other types of localization, such as online help, or multimedia localizations such as e-learning applications, interactive games etc.

Our team of experienced and carefully chosen localization specialists work hand-in-hand with our other departaments such as translation, proofreading etc, in order to provide you with a cost- and time-saving final product, guaranteeing the maximum quality standards.

Software localization

Throughout the entire process (splitting up an application into its localizable components, translation, QA etc.) our in-house localization department applies the latest technology and best practices for achieving our clients´ full satisfaction, by adapting user interfaces, help files and technical documentation to their main audience, regardless of the size or complexity of the project.
Whether managing version control, resizing images or dialogue boxes, implementing codes, tracking and resolving bugs, creating a built environment, or simply taking screen shots, our localization engineers will skillfully guide every single project individually, according to our clients requirements.

Website localization

The lack of a high quality translated website today, means a significant loss of competitiveness for you on the market tomorrow. This is because the key message of a product launch, publicity capaign or marketing brochure may often not be clear enough, or may be misunderstood. Your website is definitely not the right place to cut investment in the success for your business.

We understand our clients´ inherent need for a cost-effective, but high-quality solution. Our team of localization experts will offer you a budget-orientated solution, applying the best methodology and the latest software tools, in order to provide you with a time-saving final product. At Ittranslations all type of issues throughout the workflow, no matter if adapting all kinds of files, tracking and resolving bugs, creating environments or final testing are dealed with the maximum concern. Our team, deeply in contact with all the other departments at ITtranslations, works out all the stages of the process seamlessly for a functionally, linguistically and culturally flawless end result.

We help you to launch your product or spread your message successfully! Contact us or ask for a free localization quote now!

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