You need an easy manual to help you to start using Trados You don't want to waste precious time reading the tedious official manual

You want the best practical tricks and tips on using the program, and the easiest and best solutions to the most common and frustrating problems

You don't have money to pay for training (i.e you donīt have 500 euro going spare!).

Well, here's the solution for you! It only costs €60 and covers all the knowledge you will need in your daily work.

These manuals are directed both at beginners and at those who may have forgotten a few of the basics through disuse. It is a mere 90 pages long, and full of practical exercises. In less than 5 hours, you'll know everything you need to know in order to get the most out of what truly is a fantastic CAT tool. The author has been responsible for Trados official support and training in Spain and Portugal during 5 years.

Note: the manuals are delivered in PDF format by email as soon as we receive your payment confirmation (from Monday to Friday).

Practical Trados manual (from version 5.5 up to 2007): Beginner level

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Practical Trados manual (for SDL Trados Studio 2009): Beginner level

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